Options Trading Starter Guide: Do's and Don'ts

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Featured in Forbes Magazine, 23-year-old illustrator turned trader Taylor "Kiakili" Hamilton netted over $200,000 in profits in his first year of trading, and has led a trading group to over $3 million+ profits. 

Options trading is often made to be complicated and only understood by experts. The skill is taught differently by many people, which can make it harder to grasp important concepts, while simultaneously making it easy to get lost in the technical definitions. 

The purpose of this guide is to give a simple, straightforward overview of options trading. My goal is to eliminate financial gatekeeping and to remove the taboo of the Stock Market—effectively making it accessible to all people of any age or background. There is a myth that you need a lot of money to buy stocks. Rather, you can get started right now with only $50 and progressively turn it into thousands. I want to get you started on that path, and to teach this skill that has changed my life forever.

This book contains strategies I use to make daily trades of 100% return on my investment, which have enabled me to grow my portfolio from $200 to over $150,000 in profits within 6 months of trading. I aim to help you with how to research stocks, develop a trading regimen, insights into my technical analysis, risk management, 1000% trades, and more. The goal of this book is to help you identify opportunity and the logic behind making winning trades.

It is time to innovate the way you think about the Stock Market.

The eBook includes:

  • 70+ pages covering options trading basics, developing a trading strategy, technical analysis, Greeks, risk management, and trading mentality.
  • 3+ hours of video tutorials25+ interactive handmade animations 
  • Continuous lifetime updates free of charge!


1. Click on the link included in the PDF file.
2. Enter the password to access the eBook.

**Disclaimer: This book is not an all-inclusive masterclass in everything there is to know about options trading. It is an informal educational guide. This book is not financial advice; only intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Due to the nature of the content, there will be no refunds issued once the course is released.

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Options Trading Starter Guide: Do's and Don'ts

159 ratings
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